Greetings! I'm Kat Lunoe, oil painter and illustrator currently residing in Northern California. I was born Yekaterina Kuznetsova in the Soviet Union. I grew up in New York City, where I studied academic art in the Russian Realist tradition at the Bridgeview School of Fine Arts for 5 years. At the same time I worked as a freelance graphic designer for the fashion industry, and also did some restoration work for an architectural restoration & conservation company. In addition, I was lucky to study painting and drawing for two summers at the prestigious Academy of Arts (Repin Institute) in St. Petersburg, Russia, and also got a B.A. in Psychology from the City University of New York at Queens College.

Aside from the Russian Realism I grew up with, over the years I've become inspired by many sources, many genres of art, and eventually those influences all find their ways as threads weaving into what I paint. My initial desire to take up painting, for example, came from a heady mix of Lady Frieda Harris’ art for the Thoth Tarot, and the fantasy art of Magic: The Gathering! As such, I've always found mythology and fantastical themes to be rich sources of inspiration, and I've also long had an inclination for art that is dense with symbolism. This in turn led to an interest in the iconographies of various spiritual and esoteric traditions from around the world. For the truly curious, my Pinterest page is an ever-evolving curated cornucopia of my favorite works of inspiration.

Currently I spend much of my time creating commissioned paintings, for individuals as well as for book publishers to be licensed for book covers. I'm also working on some personal long-term painting goals - one is to create a Tarot deck, and another is to take some of my painting into a more Sci-Fi direction. Aside from painting and drawing, I'm into traveling, meditating, cats, and Doctor Who.

If you're interested in buying my work, then you are awesome, because it is thanks to those who buy my work that I am able to create more! For commissions and illustration work, please check out the commission information page. Custom canvas Giclee reproductions can be ordered from many paintings on this site. Pricing depends on size and other customizations; please contact me for more information if you're interested. If you'd like to order a ready-made print or see what originals I have available for sale at the moment, please check out my Etsy shop!

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